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(人教版)2019屆高考英語一輪復習練習案:必修二 Unit 1 (含解析)
(人教版)2019屆高考英語一輪復習練習案:必修二 Unit 1 (含解析)01
(人教版)2019屆高考英語一輪復習練習案:必修二 Unit 1 (含解析)02
(人教版)2019屆高考英語一輪復習練習案:必修二 Unit 1 (含解析)03
(人教版)2019屆高考英語一輪復習練習案:必修二 Unit 1 (含解析)04
(人教版)2019屆高考英語一輪復習練習案:必修二 Unit 1 (含解析)05
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(人教版)2019屆高考英語一輪復習練習案:必修二 Unit 1 (含解析)


必修 Unit 1



1He told us whether  to have   (have) a picnic was still under discussion.

2Their most  valuable  (value) belongings were locked in a safe in the bedroom.

3It was  no  wonder that he failed againfor he had never studied hard.

4It is well worth  making  (make) an effort to promote the public awareness of environmental protection.

5Tom is a stubborn boyso  it  is no use debating with him.

6Perhaps the most difficult challenge is how  to survive  (survive) without friends in life.

7On arrival at the ancient villageyou can find many  cultural  (culture) relics.

8Mr.Reed  selected  (select) to represent us in the meeting has been sent to have a talk with them.

9I am always thinking that studying well is the only thing that I could do  in  return.

10There is no doubt  that  what a cleaner does is harder compared with any other job in the society.


1Henry told me that there was a time that he stayed up every night going over his lessons. 第二個thatwhen 

2All the acts were goodbut the evening was belonged to a dance group from  Moscow. 去掉was 

3I doubt that the new one will be any better. thatif/whether 

4It is said that the early European playing cards were de-signed to entertainment and education. tofor 

5Our friendswhom are always late for everythingmissed the train again. whomwho 



答案:The police searched him for the lost ring.


答案:The article is well worth reading and isn't worthy to be translated/of being translated.


答案:We don't doubt that he can do the work very well.


答案:He doesn't know what to talk about.


答案:She removed my name from the name list.



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[語篇解讀] 本文主要介紹了四個賓館的相關情況。

1Frontier Suites Airport Hotel Juneau AK is different from other hotels because ________ .

Ait has very comfortable rooms

Bpeople can enioy the wonderful scenery here

Call rooms there have full-sized kitchens

Dpeople can take a hot bath there

解析:C [細節理解題。在四個賓館中只有Frontier Suites Airport Hotel Juneau AK擁有full-sized kitchens.]

2If you are interested in historyyou'd better go to ______ .

ABest Western Dryden Motor Inn

BFrontier Suites Airport Hotel Juneau AK

CAurora View Inn Juneau AK

DCaribou Hotel Glennallen Alaska

解析:D [細節理解題。根據Caribou Hotel Glennallen Alaska標題下的Or perhaps you'd prefer to visit the historical communities of McCarthy and Kennicottboth of which date back to the 1920s可知,Caribou Hotel Glennallen Alaska有歷史社區。故答案為D]

3If your brother likes fishingyou can advise him to go to ________ .

ABest Western Dryden Motor Inn or Caribou Hotel Glennallen Alaska

BBest Western Dryden Motor Inn or Frontier Suites Airport Hotel Juneau AK

CFrontier Suites Airport Hotel Juneau AK or Aurora View Inn Juneau AK

DAurora View Inn Juneau AK or Caribou Hotel Glennallen Alaska

解析:A [細節理解題。四個賓館中只有Best Western Dryden Motor InnCaribou Hotel Glennallen Alaska提到了能夠釣魚。]

4What is the purpose of this passage?

ATo persuade readers to go to these hotels.

BTo enrich the readers' knowledge about hotels.

CTo tell readers how to choose a good hotel.

DTo help readers book hotels in advance.

解析:A [推理判斷題。本文寫了四個賓館的優勢,寫這篇短文的目的是向讀者推薦賓館。]


(2018·鄭州第一次質檢)I always walk to my husband's office after workwait for him and then we drive home together every day.

One daywhile I was waiting for hima beautiful Cadillac(凱迪拉克轎車) __1__ near me.I was busy __2__ the car when I noticed the driver. __3__ ,she was probably the most __4__ woman I had ever seen outside of a movie screen.Her eyes were as blue as the seaand she had teeth like pearls.Minutes latera man walked over and they drove off.Sitting theredressed in jeans and a T-shirtI wanted to __5__ .Why is it so __6__ that some people have it allI thought.

The next week I saw her againand after that it almost became my __7__ to see her.I would __8__ if she and her husband ate out a lot and where they went.I wanted her to get out of the car so that I could see her in __9__ length.

A few weeks laterthis question was __10__ for me.I was waiting at my usual spot and the lady's husband came over to their car.He opened the door.The pretty woman __11__ walked around to the passenger side—leaning  on  a  walking  cane.She __12__ one leg with her hands and then the other.She had an artificial limb(假肢) on her left leg and a brace on her right one.

As they drove awayI began to cry.When my husband arrivedI told him about what had __13__ .He said that he knew her husband and thatwhen the lady was twelve years oldshe had been __14__ in a car that got stuck on the railroad tracks.Unfortunatelyboth her parents were killed.The rail company made a large __15___ with her because the crossing had no __16__ .That's __17__ she owns such a nice car now.

For weeks I have __18__ this woman and her way of lifebut now I realize how  __19__ I am.When you meet a person who seems to be much better off than youdon't be fooled by __20__ .

[語篇解讀] 本文是一篇記敘文。在等丈夫一起開車回家時,看到了一位開著豪車的漂亮女士,非常忌妒她。后來得知,這位女士在十二歲時遭遇車禍,失去雙親,自己也因此殘疾,才意識到自己是多么幸運。

1A.drove in       Bpulled up

Csped by  Dturned away

解析:B [根據該句中的...a beautiful Cadillac  __1__ near me...可以判斷,一輛凱迪拉克轎車停在身旁。pull up意為停車,符合語境。drive in意為駛進speed by意為飛逝turn away意為帶走,都與語境不符。]

2A.cleaning  Btaking

Cexpecting  Dadmiring

解析:D [根據上句中的a beautiful Cadillac可知,對此車很羨慕。admire意為羨慕,符合語境。clean意為清理take意為expect意為預期,都與語境不符。]

3A.Honestly  BSincerely

CSurprisingly  DObviously

解析:A [根據下句Her eyes were as blue as the seaand she had teeth like pearls.可知,這位女駕駛員明眸皓齒;據此可以判斷,的確她可能是看到的電影銀幕外最美的女子。honestly意為誠實地,符合語境。sincerely意為真誠地surprisingly意為驚人地obviously意為顯然,都與語境不符。]

4A.peaceful  Btypical

Cbeautiful  Dpatient

解析:C [參見上題解析。beautiful意為漂亮的,符合語境。peaceful意為和平的typical意為典型的patient意為有耐心的,都與語境不符。]

5A.cry  Bargue

Cescape  Dask

解析:A [根據下句中的Why is it so __6__ that some people   have it all可知,羨慕這位駕駛凱迪拉克轎車的女士;結合該句中的dressed in jeans   and a T-shirt可以判斷,衣著平常,想哭。cry意為哭泣,符合語境。argue意為爭論escape意為逃離ask意為詢問,都與語境不符。]

6A.unbearable  Bunusual

Cunfair  Dunbelievable

解析:C [根據語境可知,衣著平常,而那位駕駛凱迪拉克轎車的女士則明眸皓齒。據此可以判斷,感到不公平。unfair意為不公平的,符合語境。unbearable意為無法忍受的unusual意為不平常的unbelievable意為難以相信的,都與語境不符。]

7A.chance  Bwonder

Cregret  Droutine

解析:D [根據該句中的The next week I saw her again...可知,第二周又見到了她;據此可以判斷,時常見到她,routine意為常規,符合語境。chance意為機會wonder意為奇跡regret意為遺憾,都與語境不符。]

8A.imagine  Bwonder

Cguess  Ddoubt

解析:B [根據該句中的if從句可以判斷,想知道她和她的丈夫是否經常在外面吃飯并且去哪里吃。wonder意為想知道,符合語境。imagine意為想象guess意為猜測doubt意為懷疑,都與語境不符。]

9A.great  Bequal

Cfull  Dstandard

解析:C [根據該句中的length表達的語境可以判斷,想要她走出轎車,看看她的整個身高。full意為完全的,符合語境。great意為偉大的equal意為等同的standard意為標準的,都與語境不符。]

10A.raised  Banswered

Cpresented  Dchecked

解析:B [根據該句中的question可知,有了這一問題的答案。answer意為回答,符合語境。raise意為舉起present意為展現check意為檢查,都與語境不符。]

11A.slowly  Bfirmly

Cquickly  Dhurriedly

解析:A [根據該段最后一句She had an artificial limb(假肢) on her left leg and a brace on her right one.可知,她裝著假肢;據此可以判斷,她行走緩慢。slowly意為緩慢地,符合語境。firmly意為堅定地quickly意為快速地hurriedly意為匆忙地,都與語境不符。]

12A.bent  Bspread

Ccrossed  Dlifted

解析:D [根據下句She had an artificial limb(假肢) on her left leg and a brace on her right one.可知,她裝著假肢;據此可以判斷,她用雙手抬起腿。lift意為抬起,符合語境。bend意為彎曲spread意為傳播cross意為穿過,都與語境不符。]

13A.changed  Bhappened

Cpassed  Dhidden

解析:B [根據前文對所看到的事實的描述可以判斷,當的丈夫到來時,將所發生的事情告訴了他。happen意為發生,符合語境。change意為改變pass意為經過hide意為掩藏,都與語境不符。]

14A.discovered  Bprotected

Cleft  Dtrapped

解析:D [根據句中的...in a car that got stuck on the railroad tracks.可以判斷,在這位女士十二歲的那一年,她被困在一輛陷入鐵軌的轎車里。trap意為困住,符合語境。discover意為發現protect意為保護leave意為離開,都與語境不符。]

15A.settlement  Bexchange

Cpromise  Darrangement

解析:A [根據上句的both her parents were killed可知,在事故中,她的父母雙亡;據此可以判斷,鐵路公司給她一大筆安置費。settlement意為(解決紛爭的)協議,符合語境。exchange意為交換promise意為承諾arrangement意為安排,都與語境不符。]

16A.stops  Bnotices

Csignals  Dlights

解析:C [根據語境可知,由于鐵道交叉處沒有信號燈,導致了事故的發生。signal意為指示燈,信號燈,符合語境。stop意為車站notice意為布告light意為,都與語境不符。]

17A.why  Bwhen

Cbecause  Dwhere

解析:A [根據上文可知,由于鐵路公司賠償了一大筆安置費給這位女士,那就是她擁有這輛豪車的原因。why意為“……的原因,符合語境,故A項正確。]

18A.respected  Bobserved

Caccepted  Denvied

解析:D [根據第二段可知,所見到的這位女士開著豪車并且長得漂亮,而則衣著平平;據此可以判斷,忌妒她。envy意為忌妒,符合語境。respect意為尊敬observe意為觀察accept意為接受,都與語境不符。]


19A.boring  Bmature

Clucky  Dconfident

解析:C [根據前文可知,這位女士在事故中失去了雙親,也因此殘疾;據此可以判斷,意識到自己是多么幸運。lucky意為幸運的,符合語境。boring意為厭煩的mature意為成熟的confident意為自信的,都與語境不符。]

20A.collections  Bappearances

Cbackgrounds  Ddescriptions

解析:B [根據語境可知,當你遇到一位看起來比你好得多的人時,不要被其外表欺騙。appearance意為外表,符合語境。collection意為收集物background意為背景description意為描述,都與語境不符。]


One dayan old man was returning home after shopping.Suddenlya bag of waste fell in the skynearly hitting him on his head.He was greatly frightening by the unexpected incident.Dropped the things he had bought to the groundhe ran away rapidly.What dangerous it was.

Obviouslythe accident caused by a careless neighbour living highly in an apartment.It was that person who was to blame for.Every one of us should behave politely and think more about other.Only when we each behaved properly can our society be changed into a pleasing one.










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