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(人教版)2019屆高考英語一輪復習練習案:必修四 Unit 3 (含解析)
(人教版)2019屆高考英語一輪復習練習案:必修四 Unit 3 (含解析)01
(人教版)2019屆高考英語一輪復習練習案:必修四 Unit 3 (含解析)02
(人教版)2019屆高考英語一輪復習練習案:必修四 Unit 3 (含解析)03
(人教版)2019屆高考英語一輪復習練習案:必修四 Unit 3 (含解析)04
(人教版)2019屆高考英語一輪復習練習案:必修四 Unit 3 (含解析)05
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(人教版)2019屆高考英語一輪復習練習案:必修四 Unit 3 (含解析)


必修 Unit 3



1Can you give us a detailed description of the  contents (content) of your lost wallet?

2We  finally managed  to make  the  customers   convinced  (convince) of the quality of the vehicle.

3He was surprised that his answer should have caused such a strong  reaction  (react)

4He is a  failure  (fail) as an artistbut a success as an art teacher.

5This picture was taken twenty years ago.I wonder if you can pick  out  my younger brother.

6The judge didn't believe his  explanation  (explain) that he had stolen the money in order to give it to charity.

7They were dancing and singing on the squaremuch to the  amusement  (amuse) of passers-by.

8The hotel wasn't  particularly  (particular) good.But I had stayed in many worse hotels.

9I admire my English teacher.I can remember very few occasions  when  she stopped working because of ill health.

10I knew I had made a mistake  directly  (direct) I handed in my paper.


1With the electricity being cut offall the machines had to stop working. 去掉being 

2She loves the song in the particularbecause her mother used to sing it. 去掉第二個the 

3We shouldn't complain about being poor—many families are much badly off than we are. badlyworse 

4To our amusedthey had a quarrel about such a small thing. amusedamusement 

5He speaks English as if he is an Englishman. iswere 



答案:It rained heavily in the south in the summer in 2017causing serious floods.


答案:As is reportedMr.Smith was elected chairman.


答案:We'll call you up directly we arrive there.

4他談起羅馬來好像他以前去過似的(as if)

答案:He talks about Rome as if he had been there before.

5到現在為止沒有更有效的教育方法(up to now)

答案:Up to nowthere has been no more effective way of education.



A culture's values can be mirrored by its humor.Humor has been evaluated by many great minds such as Thomas Hobbeswho disliked humor“Laughter is nothing else but sudden glory arising from some sudden thought of feeling far better than others.” He thought humor to be a negative quality of human narrow-mindedness.

HoweverMordechai  GordonPh.D  of Educationinsists“Humor allows us to view the world from an angle that is amusing rather than serious.” I agree with Gordon.Learning to look at the world through humor is important.

In the  United Statesevery four years  an election occurs.Without humor as a way to express their feelingshow else would Americans keep from clawing their eyes  out  and going the  way of lemming? Television shows like The Daily Show have become important parts of American culture.They are mothering the masses by metaphorically (隱喻地) airplane-ing politics into our mouths.They make politics fun.

Of coursepolitics is only one type of humor.Social humor helps people through the twists and turns of the human condition.American pop culture promotes an unhealthy self-image.On the topic of self-imageHari Kondabolu stands out.He has a joke about the popular musical group “The Pussycat Dolls”describing their hit song Don't Cha as a negative representation of women.He points out an obvious offence in American culture.

A study from Loyola University of Maryland has shown that humor is one determining factor for selecting a mating partner.Amongst other thingsmates look for an outstanding funny bone in a potential partner.

Of coursehumor is not always used for good purposes.Humor can be linked to vulgarity (庸俗)and racismbutlike everything elseit has potential to unite human beings by allowing us to laugh at ourselvesour failures and our connection with one another.

Though life may seem tough and depressing at timesall I have to do is look in the mirror at my increased wrinkles (皺紋) to know that there is a comedy out there that even Chaplin wasn't aware of.

With that in mindremember to laugh with humanity and sometimes at humanity.

[語篇解讀] 一種文化的價值能通過其幽默感表現出來。本文作者介紹了自己幽默的看法,并決定用幽默的態度來面對生活。

1Hobbes believed that humor ________ .

Awas only a way to laugh at others to make oneself feel better

Bresulted in narrow-mindedness of human beings

Chad the power to mirror personal glory and national values

Dwas for people to view the world from another angle

解析:A [細節理解題。根據文章第一段可知,Thomas Hobbes不喜歡幽默,并從他的話中Laughter is nothing...better than others.可知。]

2What is the author's attitude towards political humor?

AWorried.      BDisappointed.

CCurious.  DAppreciative.

解析:D [觀點態度題。根據文章第三段中的Without humor...way of lemmingThey make politics fun.可知,作者對于政治幽默持贊賞的態度。appreciative欣賞的,賞識的]

3The  fourth  paragraph  is  developed  mainly ______ .

Aby example  Bby process

Cby comparison  Dby classification

解析:A [寫作手法題。根據文章第四段的內容可知,作者是通過舉例子來支撐自己的觀點的。]

4What can we learn from the last two paragraphs?

AChaplin wasn't aware of being laughed at.

BThe author feels helpless and worries about getting older.

CNever be the one who laughs at other people.

DThe author is determined to face life with a sense of humor.

解析:D [細節理解題。根據文章的最后兩段可知,盡管生活有時候會很艱難,但仍然有連卓別林都沒有意識到的幽默,要記得用幽默的態度來面對生活。]


(2018·河南省普通高中畢業班高考適應性測試)Anson Lemmera 19-year-old from Glenwood SpringsColoradowas on his last pizza delivery __1__ of the nighton June 15when he arrived at a __2__ house and found a man lying on the ground __3__ ,according to the Post Independent.

The teen swung into action and __4__ CPR(心肺復蘇)eventually saving the manwho began walking around soon after.Lemmer then called his parents to __5__ his eventful day.

I called my parents and said This has been the __6__ pizza delivery ever.I left a pizza boy and came back a pizza man’”Lemmer __7__ the Post Independent.They were proud of me. __8__ unexpected thing.

The 19-year-old said that when he __9__ to the house that daythe situation was already very __10__ .There was something really wrong.His eyes had rolled up into his __11__ and he was unresponsivethe teen told 9 News, __12__ the scene.One of his friends was on the __13__ calling 911and the other was attempting CPRbut __14__ he asked me if I knew how to do CPR at all.

The now-pizza delivery __15__ happened to have learned how to perform CPR when he was __16__ ,the Post Independent reported.EMTs (急診醫師) arrived at the __17__ shortly after and took over for Lemmer after the man started __18__ .The man was sent to the hospital after the __19__ .

Though saving lives isn't exactly in a pizza delivery guy's job descriptionthe teen said he was happy to do it.They all __20__ my hand and tipped me pretty welland I got to take home a pizza so that was all rightLemmer told 9 News.

[語篇解讀] 本文是一篇記敘文。19歲的Lemmer在送餐到顧客家的時候發現了一個躺在外面地上的男人,他隨即對其進行心肺復蘇急救,最終挽救了該男子的生命。

1A.order        Bexercise

Cplay  Dshow

解析:A [考查名詞辨析。根據語境并結合本句中的on his last pizza  delivery可知,19歲的Lemmer在送晚上的最后一份比薩訂單。order意為訂單,訂購exercise意為運動,練習play意為游戲,比賽show意為表演,顯示]

2A.friend's  Bgranny's

Ccustomer's  Dreporter's

解析:C [考查名詞所有格辨析。根據本句中的on his last pizza delivery可知,Lemmer在送晚上的最后一份比薩訂單;根據常識可知,此處表示Lemmer到達顧客家。friend's意為朋友的granny's意為祖母的customer's意為顧客的reporter's意為記者的]

3A.somewhere  Bbehind

Cupstairs  Doutside

解析:D [考查副詞辨析。根據語境可知,Lemmer到達顧客家時發現一名男子躺在地上;根據常識可知,Lemmer到達時,男子已經暈倒了,不可能給他開門,這表明男子是在屋外暈倒的。somewhere意為在某處behind意為在后面upstairs意為在樓上outside意為在外面]

4A.declared  Bperformed

Cfollowed  Dobserved

解析:B [考查動詞辨析。根據第五段第一句中的have learned how  to perform CPR可知,Lemmer學過心肺復蘇急救,因此,此處表示Lemmer迅速對這位男子進行心肺復蘇急救。declare意為宣布perform意為執行follow意為跟隨observe意為觀察]

5A.remember  Bshare

Ccheck  Dcelebrate

解析:B [考查動詞辨析。根據語境可知,Lemmer挽救了男子的生命后,立即給父母打電話,同他們分享了這次不同尋常的經歷。remember意為記得share意為分享check意為核對celebrate意為慶祝]

6A.craziest  Bfunniest

Ceasiest  Dquickest

解析:A [考查形容詞辨析。根據語境及該段中的unexpected thing可知,Lemmer送餐時挽救了一個男子的生命,所以說這次送餐是Lemmer最離奇的一次送餐經歷。crazy意為離奇的funny意為有趣的easy意為簡單的quick意為迅速的]

7A.invited  Btold

Csurprised  Dconfused

解析:B [考查動詞辨析。根據第四段中的the teen told 9 News可知,此處應與其對應,指Lemmer將具體情況告訴了Post Independentinvite意為邀請tell意為告訴surprise意為使驚奇confuse意為使混亂]

8A.Especially  BProperly

CTotally  DGenerally

解析:C [考查副詞辨析。根據常識可知,送餐時發現一名男子躺在地上并對其進行心肺復蘇急救,這件事情完全出乎意料。especially意為特別地properly意為適當地totally意為完全地generally意為普遍地]

9A.moved back  Bcame along

Cgot off  Dpulled up

解析:D [考查動詞短語辨析。根據第一段中的when he arrived at a __2__ house可知,此處指Lemmer到達顧客家門外。move back意為退縮,向后移動come along意為出現get off意為動身,下車pull up意為停住]

10A.serious  Bdesperate

Cobvious  Dunusual

解析:A [考查形容詞辨析。根據下文His eyes had rolled up into his __11__ and  he  was unresponsive可知,該男子已經翻白眼且沒有知覺,情況非常嚴峻。serious意為嚴重的desperate意為令人絕望的obvious意為明顯的unusual意為不尋常的]

11A.chest  Bhead

Cface  Dneck

解析:B [考查名詞辨析。根據常識可知,當人處于昏迷狀態且沒有知覺時,一般都會翻白眼。chest意為胸部head意為face意為neck意為脖子roll up into head意為翻白眼]

12A.describing  Breaching

Cimagining  Dexpecting

解析:A [考查動詞辨析。根據語境可知,此處應表示Lemmer在向9 News描述615日晚上發生的事情。describe意為描述reach意為達到imagine意為想象expect意為期待]

13A.journey  Btopic

Cphone  Dway

解析:C [考查名詞辨析。根據本句中的calling 911可知,他的一個朋友在給911打電話。journey意為旅行topic意為話題phone意為電話way意為道路on the phone為固定搭配,意為在打電話]

14A.by and by  Bonce more

Cnow and then  Dright away

解析:D [考查短語辨析。根據語境可知,當時的情況很緊急,所以另一個人立馬問Lemmer會不會做心肺復蘇。by and by意為不久以后once more意為再一次now and then意為偶爾,有時right away意為立即,馬上]

15A.teenager  Bman

Cguy  Dhero

解析:B [考查名詞辨析。根據第三段中的I left a pizza boy and came back a pizza man可知,經歷這次事件之后,這個送比薩的男孩現在已經變成了男人teenager意為青少年man意為男人guy意為家伙,男人hero意為英雄]

16A.younger  Bmore curious

Cfreer  Dmore energetic

解析:A [考查形容詞辨析。根據上文語境可知,Lemmer會做心肺復蘇,這說明他小的時候學過。younger意為更年輕的curious意為好奇的free意為自由的energetic意為精力充沛的]

17A.interview  Bcall

Cscene  Dhospital

解析:C [考查名詞辨析。根據第四段中的the teen told 9 News __12__ the scene可知,此處與the scene相照應,表明不久后急診醫師就到達了現場。interview意為采訪call意為電話,訪問scene意為現場hospital意為醫院]

18A.talking  Bwalking

Cthinking  Dbreathing

解析:D [考查動詞辨析。根據常識可知,Lemmer對該男子做的是心肺復蘇,此處應表示該男子開始有了呼吸。talk意為談話walk意為步行think意為思考breathe意為呼吸]


19A.media  Bincident

Cdelivery  Dinstructions

解析:B [考查名詞辨析。根據語境可知,該男子在Lemmer對其進行心肺復蘇并恢復呼吸這件事后被送往了醫院。media意為媒體incident意為事件,事故delivery意為遞送instruction意為指令]

20A.felt  Braised

Cshook  Dtouched

解析:C [考查動詞辨析。根據語境可知,男子的家人非常感激Lemmer,握著他的手,并給了他豐厚的小費。握手表明了男子的家人當時感激而激動的心情。feel意為感覺raise意為提高shake意為握手touch意為接觸shake one's hand為固定短語,意為握某人的手]


A woman was taken to the hospital.While having an operationshe had a nearly death experience.Seeing Godshe asked how this was it.God saidNoyou had another 40 years.On recovery the women decided to have a plastic surgery.She had someone change her hair colorthinking since she had so many time to liveshe'd better make full use from it.Finally she got out of the hospital.While crossing the streetshe killed by an ambulance speeded by.Arriving in the front of Godshe demandedThey said I had another 40 yearsGod replied“But I didn't recognize you.”










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