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20套高考英語完型填空+閱讀+單選練習題+詳解 (14)
20套高考英語完型填空+閱讀+單選練習題+詳解 (14)01
20套高考英語完型填空+閱讀+單選練習題+詳解 (14)02
20套高考英語完型填空+閱讀+單選練習題+詳解 (14)03
20套高考英語完型填空+閱讀+單選練習題+詳解 (14)04
20套高考英語完型填空+閱讀+單選練習題+詳解 (14)05
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20套高考英語完型填空+閱讀+單選練習題+詳解 (14)




My dream is to become an orthodontist (正牙醫生), fly to new heightsand impact the world. Ever since the day I got braces (矯正器)I thought about how  __1__ it would be for me to become an orthodontist and make other  __2__ like me have more beautiful smiles. The thought of helping other people overcome the fear of their __3__  or self-esteem (尊重) became so real to me the day that I got my  __4__   off two years later. After a long thoughtI finally came to a(n)  __5__ that  I  wanted  to do my  senior  exit project on orthodontics. I am in the   __6__   of doing my project now and I cannot wait to see the wonderful   __7__  that I'm going to achieve. In the long runI know it will be a great   __8__   to me down the roadopening doors to my   __9__   path. Another goal in my life is to fly to new   __10__   and go where no one else has  __11__   to go before. I am a big leader at my school and I try to do new things that are   __12__   in order to make things successful. I try to reach to the highest in order to make every event and idea   __13__   “with a bang(砰地一聲,成功地,驚天動地)” I also want  to do  things  to     __14__     the  world somewhere down the road. After seeing friends go into   __15__I have thought about being a    __16__ missionary(傳教士) in a third-world country for a couple of summers after I    __17__    from the high school. I think it would be   __18__   to impact the lives of powerless and torn people who need   __19__   that seems unimaginable to them. I think    __20__    more people reached out and conquered their dreams to help other people achieve theirsthis world would be a whole lot better of a place.

1A. tiresome       Boccasional       Ccool            Dfortunate

2A. teens          Badults          Cdoctors          Dpatients

3A. image         Boperation        Cfigure           Dmouth

4A. caps          Btools            Cbooks           Dbraces

5A. stop          Bdecision          Cconclusion       Dend

6A. end           Bprocess          Cbeginning        Dtrouble

7A. scene         Boccupation        Cstart            Dgoals

8A. advantage      Bhonour          Cchance          Dpity

9A. graduation      Bbusiness         Ccareer           Dlife

10A. locations      Bheights          Cinterests         Devents

11A. hoped          Bexpected          Cneeded         Ddared

12A. cared for        Bunheard of         Cput forward     Dthought of

13A. turn out         Bmove off          Cgo out          Ddie out

14A. change         Bdevelop            Cimpact         Ddestroy

15A. missions        Bdifficulties         Ctraps           Dfilms

16A. long-term      Bprofessional         Cshort-term       Dpart-time

17A. attend         Bgraduate           Cdislike           Dabandon

18A. tiresome       Bharmful             Castonishing      Dremarkable

19A. assistance      Bfaith               Cmoney          Dlaws

20A. since         Bunless              Calthough         Dif


【語篇解讀】 本文是一篇記敘文。全文記敘了自己少年時的夢想。自己想做一名正牙的醫生,讓像自己的少年有美麗的微笑。在看到朋友們做禮拜時,自己也想到第三世界國家做一名短期的傳教士,幫助人們擺脫無助的困境。

1. 答案 C [聯系空后的to become an orthodontist and make other __2__(teens) like me have more beautiful smiles可知,作者認為幫助別人有美麗的微笑是一件很酷的事情。D有一定干擾性,fortunate意思是幸運的,因此可以排除。 ]

2. 答案 A [聯系下文after I __17__(graduate)from the high school可知,作者還是一個未離開中學的少年。]

3. 答案 A [聯系上文可知,作者想做一名正牙醫生,為的是改變那些少年的面部形象,因此用imageC有一定干擾性,figure側重于形體]

4. 答案 D [聯系上文Ever since the day I got braces可知,這里是表達取下矯正器]

5. 答案 B [空后的I wanted to do my senior exit project on Orthodontics是自己在長時間思考后做出的決定。 ]

6. 答案 B [聯系空后的I cannot wait to see the wonderful __7__(goals)that I'm going to achieve可知,自己正在做這項工程的過程中。]

7. 答案 D [因為自己正在這項工程的進行中,因此迫不及待地想看看自己所要達到的目標。聯系下文的Another goal in my life可以得此答案。]

8. 答案 A [聯系空前的In the long run和空后的down the road可知,從長遠看,沿著這條路走是有好處的。]

9. 答案 C [聯系上文可知,作者想成為一名正牙醫生,因此說這是一項事業。]

10. 答案 B [從下文的I try to reach to the highest可知,自己要飛到新的高度。]

11. 答案 D [聯系上文的new heights和下文的I try to reach to the highest可知,作者要達到別人不敢達到的高度。]

12. 答案 B [聯系上文作者要到達別人不敢到達的地方,因此我們斷定他要做別人還沒有聽說的事情。]

13. 答案 A [聯系空后的with a bang,可知,作者想讓事情在驚天動地中發生。其他選項中,move off搬走,go out 出去,die out消失,滅絕。]

14. 答案 C [聯系文章第一句and impact the world可以得出答案。impact the world在這里的意思是影響整個世界]

15. 答案 A [聯系上文可知,當看到如自己一樣的少年牙齒不正時,自己想成為一名正牙醫生,現在看到人們進行傳道活動時想成為一名傳教士。]

16. 答案 C [聯系空后的for a couple of summers可知,作者并非想長期做傳教士,只是想做兩個夏天的短期的傳教士。]

17. 答案 B [聯系上文可知,作者現在是十幾歲的少年,正在上中學,要到第三世界做兩個夏天的傳教士,因此應該是在他從中學畢業后,而不是上了中學。]

18. 答案 D [聯系空后的to impact the lives of powerless and torn people who need __19__(assistance)that seems unimaginable to them可知,一想到會影響到那些無助的貧困潦倒的人們,使他們得到似乎不能想象的幫助,作者感覺這是很美妙的。]

19. 答案 A [從空前的powerless and torn可知,這些人是需要幫助的。]

20. 答案 D [聯系本空所在的整個句子可知,第一個分句是表達條件。]




If cars had wings, they could fly and that just might happen, beginning in 2011The company Terrafugia, based in Woburn, Massachusetts, says it plans to deliver its car-plane, the Transition, to customers by the end of 2011.


 "It's the next 'wow' vehicle, "said Terrafugia vice president Richard Gersh." Anybody can buy a Ferrari, but as we say, Ferraris don't fly."

    The car-plane has wings that unfold for flying — a process the company says takes one minute — and fold back up for driving. A runway is still required to take off and land.

    The Transition is being marketed more as a plane that drives than a car that flies, although it is both. The company has been working with FAA to meet aircraft regulations, and with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to meet vehicle safety regulations.

    The company is aiming to sell the Transition to private pilots as a more convenient and cheaper way to fly. They say it saves you the trouble from trying to find another mode of transportation to get to and from airports: You drive the car to the airport and then you're good to go. When you land, you fold up the wings and hit the road. There are no expensive parking fees because you don't have to store it at an airport — you park it in the garage at home.

    The car-plane is designed to fly primarily under 10,000 feet. It has a maximum takeoff weight of 1,430 pounds, including fuel and passengers. Terrafugia says the Transition reduces the potential for an accident by allowing pilots to drive under the bad weather instead of flying into marginal(臨界的)conditions.

    The Transition's price tag: 94,000. But there may be additional charges for options like a radio, a transponder or a GPS. Another, option is a full-plane parachute.

    "If you get into a very awful situation, it is the necessary safety option," Gersh said.

    So far, the company has more than 70 orders with deposits." We're working very closely with them, but there are still some remaining steps," Brown said.

(1)We can learn from the first two paragraphs that ____.

Acar-planes will be popular in 2011

Bpeople might drive a car-plane in 2011

Cboth the Transition and Ferrari can take off and land

DRichard Gersh is the vice president of Massachusetts

(2)It takes the car-plane one minute to ____.

Afold and unfold its wings

Bunfold wings for flying

Cland in the airport

Dmeet flying safety regulations

(3)According to the passage, which of the following is NOT true?

AThe car-plane needs a runway to take off and land.

BTo meet aircraft regulations, the company has been working with FAA.

CThe car-plane may fly as high as normal planes.

DPeople can park the car-plane in the garage at their home.

(4)The underlined word "it" in the last but one paragraph refers to ____.

Athe radio             Bthe transponder

Cthe GPS              Dthe full-plane parachute

(5)What's the best title for the passage?

ACars with wings maybe just around the corner

BWhich to choose: a Ferrari or a car-plane?

CA more convenient and cheaper way to fly

DCars with wings can fly as fast as planes


【解析】  大千世界,無奇不有。一種既能夠在陸地上行駛,又可以在空中飛行的汽車式飛機即將誕生。

(1)B  推理判斷題。第一段提到這家公司計劃在2011年的年底之前推出這款新產品,由此可推測B項正確。

(2)B  細節理解題。根據第三段可知它打開飛行用的機翼需要一分鐘的時間。故選B

(3)C  正誤判斷題。第六段的第一句提到這款產品設計的起初飛行高度是一萬英尺以下,由此可知它不能和正常的飛機飛行同樣的高度。

(4)D  猜測詞義題。根據本句前半句中的內容可推測此處指代的是上一段最后一句中提到的 full-plane parachute(降落傘)

 (5)A  主旨大意題。本文是新聞報道,第一段是中心段,再結合下文可知A項最能概括文章大意。





1        the city center, we saw a stone statue of about 10 meters in height.

A. Approaching    B. Approached        C. To approach       D. To be approached

2 One reason for her preference for city life is        she can have easy access to places like shops and restaurants.

A. that           B. how              C. what             D. why

3 When changing lanes, a driver should use his turning signal to let other drivers know       .

    A. he is entering which lane             B. which lane he is entering

C. is he entering which lane             D. which lane is he entering

4 Wind power is an ancient source of energy        we may return in the near future.

A. on which         B. by which          C. to which          D. from which

5         our manage objects to Tom's joining the club, we shall accept him as a member.

A. Until             B. Unless           C. If                D. After

6 Thai is the only way we can imagine        the overuse of water in students' bathrooms.

A. reducing          B. to reduce         C. reduced           D. reduce

7 —Here’s your change


A. Thank you.       B. Don’t mention it.  

C. No problem       D. With pleasure.

8 In             most countries, a university degree can give you             flying start in life.

 A. the; a        B. the; 不填      C.不填; 不填       D.不填; a

9                    I take the bookut?

—I'm afraid not.

A. Will           B. May            C. Must           D. Need

10A great number of students                said they were forced to practise the piano.    

A. to question       B. to be questioned  

C. questioned        D. questioning


1. 答案:A



2. 答案:A



3. 答案:B



4. 答案:C


解析:考察介詞+which的用法。=Wind power is an ancient source of energy which\that

we may return to in the near future.

5. 答案:B


6. 答案:B


解析:此處應該用不定式the way to do sth表示做……的途徑、方式。the only way to do……,we can imagine 做定語,前面省略了that.

7. 答案:A


8. 答案:D

解析:考查冠詞。 most countries此處表泛指,most前不加定冠詞the.第二個空處應為一個高起點的開始,故用a ,正確答案為D

9. 答案:B

解析:考查情態動詞。表請求可用情態動詞can, may, could,might,表允許用can, may.


10. 答案:C

解析:考查非謂語動詞作定語。questionstudents 存在被動關系,question表示的動作也已完成,故用過去分詞。







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