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20套高考英語完型填空+閱讀+單選練習題+詳解 (4)
20套高考英語完型填空+閱讀+單選練習題+詳解 (4)01
20套高考英語完型填空+閱讀+單選練習題+詳解 (4)02
20套高考英語完型填空+閱讀+單選練習題+詳解 (4)03
20套高考英語完型填空+閱讀+單選練習題+詳解 (4)04
20套高考英語完型填空+閱讀+單選練習題+詳解 (4)05
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20套高考英語完型填空+閱讀+單選練習題+詳解 (4)




Words528 難度系數:★★★ 建議用時:15分鐘

Our family finally managed to get together, but in a few days we scattered(散開) again to the ends of the earth, and I will begin my new job in a new city. My family has never been  __1__ in this way. When I think about the __2__ future, my heart felt grayish.

When I  __3__   in the morning, it was raining outside and the sky was as  __4__   as my mood. My daughter  __5__  the new skirt that her uncle bought and she flew around the departure hall in the  __6__  and drew a small and beautiful picture in the dim crowd.

The airplane had a good  __7__  of newspapers, magazines, television programmes, food and drinks. The meal even  __8__  a serving of Haagen-Dazs ice cream. This small present brightened me up  __9__ .The gentle smile of the stewardess (空姐) was as beautiful as the  __10__   after the rain.

When I  __11__  the airplane, the language that entered my  __12__  was completely different from what I was  __13__   three hours ago. Although the street lights were as  __14__ as Allentown’sthe different clothes and expressions of the people  __15__  me that I am in a new world. I stood in the busy streets like Alice  __16__ the world in a fairy tale. My heart was  __17__   with puzzlement about the indefinite future and longing for the new life. When I  __18__   being able to do what I like once more that I will make new  __19__ and that I can enjoy the fun of exploration, I could not  __20__  to think about starting my new life.

1A. separated   Bgathered

Cdivided             Dsurprised

2A. bright        Bexciting         

Cuncertain          Dunusual

3A. stood up      Bgot up           

Cstayed up          Dwoke up

4A. clear      Bhigh            

Cdark               Dgray

5A. dressed     Bwore            

Cliked              Dhad

6A. station              Bairport    

Cport               Dhouse

7A. offer            Bnumber    

Csupply       Damount

8A. included    Bcontained         

Cfollowed          Dmatched

9A. successfully      Bespecially        

Ceventually          Dfortunately

10A. rainbow     Bground          

Csky              Dflower


11A. got on            Bgot off             

Cleft away           Dtook off

12A. mouth          Beyes              

Cmind               Dears

13A. finding     Blearning         

Chearing            Dlistening

14A. long       Bwell           

Cbrilliant             Dmany

15A. told           Breminded         

Csuggested        Dexplained

16A. visiting     Btravelling         

Cwandering          Dexploring

17A. strict          Bfilled            

Csatisfied       Dpleased

18A. set about       Bset out          

Cthought over       Dthought about

19A. friends     Benemies         

Cmistakes            Dprogress

20A. wait      Bhelp             

Cdecide            Dafford


1. 解析:選A。我們家人將要分散到世界的各個地方, 所以選分離, 分開

2. 解析:選C。由my heart felt grayish作者心情灰暗, 可見未來是不確定的。   

3. 解析:選D。既然外面雨下得很大, 不需要get up起床后才發現, wake up醒過來就發現了。

4. 解析:選D。見第一段最后一句。

5. 解析:選B。女兒穿著一件新裙子。dress搭配只能是dress sb.,所以選B

6. 解析:選B。從下文的飛機可知是在機場的大廳。

7. 解析:選Ca good supply of sth.提供;offer指的是be willing to give, 自愿供給。

8. 解析:選A。食物很多, 甚至包括一份冰淇淋。

9. 解析:選C。女兒再加上食物最終讓我的心情好些。

10. 解析:選A。雨后彩虹。

11. 解析:選B。三個小時下飛機后 get on上飛機;上車。

12. 解析:選D。聲音當然是傳進耳朵。

13. 解析:選C。我三個小時前聽到的語言。listening后面要接to

14. 解析:選C。街燈像Allentown地方一樣的明亮。well是副詞, 所以不選。

15. 解析:選B。提醒, 使……想起。

16. 解析:選D。我就像漫游仙境中的愛麗絲一樣在探險新世界。不能選travellingwandering, 他們后面要接介詞。

17. 解析:選Bbe filled with, 我心里被不確定的未來的困惑所填滿。

18. 解析:選D。但是我一想到能夠和以前一樣做喜歡做的事情, 探險新世界, 我就迫不及待地想開始新的生活。

19. 解析:選Amake friends交朋友。

20. 解析:選Acan’t wait to...迫不及待地。




Why play games? Because they are fun, and a 1ot more besides. Following the rules…planning your next move...acting as a team member…these are all “game” ideas that you will come across throughout your life.

Think about some off the games you played as a young child, such as rope-jumping and hide-and-seek. Such games are entertaining and fun. But perhaps more importantly, they translate life into exciting dramas that teach children some of the basic rules they will be expected to follow the rest of their lives, such as taking turns and cooperating (合作) .   

Many children’s games have a practical side Children around the world play games that prepare them for work they will do as grown-ups. For instance, some Saudi Arabian children play a game called bones. Which sharpens the hand-eye coordination(協調)needed in hunting.

Many sports encourage national or local pride. The most famous games of all, the Olympic Games, bring athletes from around the world together to take part in friendly competition. People who watch the event wave flags, knowing that a gold medal is a win for an entire country, not just the athlete who earned it. For countries experiencing natural disasters or war, an Olympic win can mean so much.

Sports are also an event that unites people. Soccer is the most popular sport in the world. People on all continents play it—some for fun and some for a living. Nicolette Iribarne, a Californian soccer player, has discovered a way to spread hope through soccer. He created a foundation to provide poor children with not only soccer balls but also a promising future.

Next time you play your favorite game or sport, think about why you enjoy it, what skills are needed, and whether these skills will help you in other aspects of your life.

41. Through playing hide-and-seek, children are expected to learn to ________.

A. be a team leader       B. obey the basic rules

C. act as a grown-up      D. predict possible danger

42. The underlined part in Paragraph 2 most probably means that games can________.

A. describe life in an exciting way          

B. turn real-life experiences into a play

C. make learning life skills more interesting  

D. change people’s views of sporting event s

43. According to the passage, why is winning Olympic medals so encouraging?

A. It inspires people’s deep love for the country.  

B. It proves the exceptional skills of the winners.

C. It helps the country out of natural disasters.  

D. It earns the winners fame and fortune.

44. Iribarne’s goal of forming the foundation is to _______.

A. bring fun to poor kids                  

 B. provide soccer balls for children

C. give poor kids a chance for a better life  

D. appeal to soccer players to help poor kids

45What can be inferred from the passage?

AGa med benefit people all their lives.     

BSports can get all athletes together.

CPeople are advised to play games for fun. 

DSports increase a country’s competitiveness.


為什么打比賽?因為有趣并且還能學到很多知識,比如遵守規則,“計劃你的下一個行動, “成為一個好隊員等,這些都是你要一生才會領會的比賽精神。

41.【解析】選B。細節理解題。從第二段中…that teach children some of the basic rules they will be expected to follow the rest of their lives, such as taking turns and cooperating (合作) (教孩子一些他們后半生期望遵從的基本規則,比如按順序和合作)可知答案選B:通過玩捉迷藏,期望孩子們學會遵從基本規則。


43.【解析】選A。推理判斷題。第四段的段落大意是Many sports encourage national or local pride(許多體育運動激勵民族自豪感),并且舉了奧運會的例子,所以奧運會激發了人們對祖國的深愛。

44.【解析】選C。推理判斷題。倒數第二段最后一句話He created a foundation to provide poor children with not only soccer balls but also a promising future.的意思是:他創立基金會是為了給貧窮的孩子們不但提供足球而且提供一個有前途的未來,言外之意也就是給貧窮的孩子一個過更好生活的機會。所以C選項是對的。注意B項是干擾項,not only…but also..強調的是后者,不是前者。





第一部分  英語知識運用

1. — Tom, you are caught late again.    — Oh, ______.

 A. not at all B. just my luck C. never mind D. that’s all right

2. The chair looks rather hard, but in fact, it is very comfortable to ______.

 A. sit B. sit on  C. be sat D. be sat on

3. — This wall of air is an effective answer to the problem and it ______ work.

   — But it i s a question to put such a wall of air around the statue.

 A. may B. shall C. must  D. could

4. — The weather is too cold ______ March this year.— It was still ______ when I came here years ago.

 A. for; colder  B. in; cold  C.  in; hot  D. for; hotter

5. ______ from endless homework on weekends, the students now find their own activities, such as taking a ride together to watch the sunrise.  A. Freed ????????????? B. Freeing ????????????? C. To free ????????????? D. having freed

6. “I still haven’t thanked Aunt Lucy for her present.” “It’s time you ___.”A. do B. did  C. had  D. would

7. In this experiment, they are wakened several times during the night, and asked to report what they ______.

A. had just been dreaming  B. have just been dreaming

C. are just dreaming     D. had just dreamt

8. The shop assistant was fired as she was ______ of cheating customers.

 A. accused  B. charged  C. blamed  D. caught

9. ______ achievement, last week’s ministerial meeting of the WTO here earned a low, though not failing, grade.    A. In honor of????????????? ????????????? B. In case of????????????? C. In terms of????????????? ????????????? D. In face of

10. Sometimes advertisements make ______ possible for companies to sell the customers ______ money can not buy.    

A. /that       B. itwhat    C. thatwhich     D. itwhose




1---10  BBCAA    BBACB










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